On Saturday, business lunch for €29

Our menu

Please let us know at the time of booking if you prefer vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free food and/or have allergies. That way, we can make sure to live up to your expectations.

We adapt our menu monthly to reflect the season and to entice every palate.

On week days and on Saturdays, we offer a lunch (starter, suggestion and coffee or tea) for €29.



  • Glazed pork cheek / eggplant / Chinese cabbage with roasted sesame    €21
  • Sea bass tartare / anchovies / avocado / grilled bread      €23
  • Carabineros (cardinal prawns) / watermelon salad, courgette and tomato    €26

Main courses

Served with a choice of vegetables and potatoes

From the Mibrasa:

  • Catch of the day      day price
  • Côte à l’os Mangalica porc       €29
  • Farmer chicken, morel mushroom sauce    €36
  • Sirloin bavette steak      €29
  • Côte à l’os dry aged for 5 weeks (by 2 persons)      €49 pp
    Choice of sauces: Béarnaise – red wine

Vegetable side-dishes (choose from)

  • Tomato salad with roasted almond
  • Pods vegetables and chanterelles
  • Eggplant Asian style

    Additional vegetable dish      €6

Potatoes (choose from)

  • Crushed potatoes
  • Greek pasta with feta and chorizo
  • Pilav rice

    Additional potato dish      €3


  • Crêpe Normande with homemade vanilla ice cream      €10
  • Dame blanche     €10
  • Apricot / raspberry / yoghurt sorbet / lavender / lime     €10
  • Cheese selection     €14